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This has been a heck of a day--in the best possible way.  

- The print edition of With Nine You Get Vanyr went on sale.
- Preditors & Editors posted the results of their
2006 SF/fantasy Poll--and VANYR made #2.  (Thank you!  Thank you! to everyone who voted.)
- My bookmarks arrived (and they're gorgeous!)
- My local Walden's asked when I'd like a signing.

qnotku would've been so proud.  To celebrate, I'm...

It's Here!

Nov. 7th, 2006 01:29 am
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Tonight's the big night!  The electronic version of With Nine You Get Vanyr is now available for download from Samhain Publishing.  
There are so many people I need to thank.  My husband Greg and Teri's husband SJ for never doubting qnotku and I could do this--even when well-meaning friends told us we'd never pull it off.  All the beta readers who hung with us through what must've seemed like a hundred rewrites.  Our parents for instilling the love of reading and storytelling that made it possible to write.  Last but not least, our wonderful editor Jess Bimberg and Samhain Publishing for making this dream come true.  And how!  Look at that gorgeous cover by Anne Cain.  And the typography inside is just as lovely.
In honor of the event, there's a contest running on the
WardSmith web site.  The winner will receive a download of the ebook and three Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab imps.  Please, don't be concerned if the contest page flickers in and out.  We appear to have acquired gremlins...or ferrets.  ;-)  Besides, we have a work-around.  You can enter the contest here too.  Just send me the answer to the following question:

Which of the Nine Sisters used to work as an office manager?

The answer can be found among in the Nine Sisters section of the site.  You'll find three excerpts there too.  Enjoy!

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If you have any good thoughts, healing wishes, prayers, juju or anything else that might help, please, send it to Bethesda, MD, today.  qnotku suffered a major heart attack while on the road to a pre-surgical seminar early Sunday evening.  (Yeah, the irony is killing, ain't it?)  She was taken to Suburban Hospital in Bethesda, MD, where she's currently in the cardiac ICU.  While you're at it, if you can spare any healing thoughts for her dh, hundakleptis, please, send those along too.  He's staying with her tonight.
I'll post more information as soon as I have any.
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Some people will do ANYTHING to avoid putting up holiday decorations...
As qnotku's friends know, a severe attack of pancreatitis sent her dh, hundakleptisis, to the hospital on Monday. Then there was the scary 3:30 a.m. phone call yesterday.
Today it was qnotku who made the trip to the emergency room. (Fortunately, tree was there to help out. Thanks tree!) The hospital admitted her too and is evaluating whether or not she needs surgery for her hernia.
I told qnotku that if she kept this up I would just drag a Yule Log into the ward and light it there. She fell asleep in the middle of the sentence. That's implied permission, right? After all, she didn't DISAGREE with me, right? ;-)
Seriously, qnotku sends her love and thanks for all the responses to her earlier post.
Jean Marie


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