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When Patty Briggs was kind enough to cite Lynn Kurland in her blurb for With Nine You Get Vanyr, I was flattered.  I loved Lynn's RITA-awardwinning novella "To Kiss in the Shadows" and interviewed her for Crescent Blues based on the strength of that story.  In the interview, Lynn talked about her then current novel, From This Moment On, and her love for and desire to write fantasy.  
Since I interviewed her as the first wave of the paranormal romance tsunami was beginning to crest, I didn't think a lot about the fantasy comment.  Everybody and their dog was selling paranormals.  Why wouldn't Lynn want to ride the wave?
I should've listened harder.  Lynn was talking about epic fantasy.  And she meant every word.
The proof is in her new book, Star of the Morning.  Run--do not walk--to your bookstore and buy this book.  Star of the Morning follows the adventures of Morgan, a practical mercenary swordswoman, who finds herself saddled with a magical knife, a growing party of minions--including a blustering king and his heartbreakingly wonderful wizard brother--and a destiny she rejects with every fiber of her being.  The characterizations are glorious.  The humor, especially the fish-out-of-water sections where King Adhemar tries to act like a regular guy, will leave you laughing so hard it hurts.  There be dragons, dwarves and a dash of elves too, but the book is so yummy, I refuse to hold that against it.  LOL  A perfect read to refresh the soul on a blustery winter night.
My only real complaint is this is the first book of the Nine Kingdoms trilogy, but I can't find anything on future volumes--not even when the next book will be released.  Arrgh!  But I did find two novellas set in the same world "A Whisper of Spring" from the anthology The Queen in Winter, and "The Tale of Two Swords" from To Weave a Web of Magic.  Not enough to hold me, by any means.
Well, I knew Patty's blurb was fabulous.  I just didn't know how fabulous.  Another one I owe her.  Right now my karmic debt is so big she owns a 30-year mortgage on my next life.
And it couldn't be held in kinder hands.  :D
Happy New Year, everyone!

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I am so pumped!  Patty Briggs has this to say about With Nine You Get Vanyr:

I had such fun with this story.  With Nine You Get Vanyr is an original romp sure to appeal to fans of Sherrilyn Kenyon and Lynn Kurland.

First Carole, now Patty of my very favorite writers--like the novel Teri and I wrote.  How cool is that?  Thank you, ladies!
Not only that, but it appears the very talented Anne Cain will be doing our cover.  Anne was the cover artist for Ann Vremont's The Reluctant Muse <>, K.A. Shuster's Acts of the Saints <> and Ciar Cullen's Lords of Ch'I <>.  She also writes.  (Blood Brothers <>, the novel she wrote with Barbara Sheridan, is also available from Samhain.)  Can't wait to see what she comes up with for us!
Cheers and happy dances,


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