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I hope.  The pictures display on my Flickr Photostream, but I haven't a clue how to get folks to the right picture.  Fingers crossed the following links work.

Capclave 2008

World Fantasy Con 2008

I know, I know.  I should write up con reports and explain how I nearly killed WFC 2008's Writer Guest of Honor, Barbara Hambly. 
Look, I didn't mean to, okay?  All I did was put on a dab of perfume before I went down to the room to moderate the Genre Hopping panel Sunday morning, November 2.  Unfortunately, the combination of my perfume (BPAL's Kyoto) and the dry air of Calgary wreaked havoc on Barbara's sinuses.  But she soldiered on.  Fortunately, the panel also featured Jo Beverly.  Between the two of them, I don't think anyone in the audience noticed there was a problem.  Those ladies are class acts, and I feel so lucky to have shared panel space with them.  I just wish I hadn't made Barbara so uncomfortable.
Lesson to remember for future panels: eschew the perfume, no matter how good it smells to you. 
Chastened cheers,
Jean Marie
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It's better than Cheezburger.  Really,  The good folks at the Calgary World Fantasy Con have assigned me to moderate the panel on Genre Hopping.  I'm even going to forgive them the time, 10 a.m., Sunday, because the line-up is unbelievably fine: WFC Guest of Honor
Barbara Hambly, romance great Jo Beverly, and mystery and YA author Karen Dudley.  I am so pumped!  Maybe I'll get the chance to tell Jo the story about my mom and St. Raven on the loooooong plane ride to Hong Kong.  Hugs and smiles, Jean Marie


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