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 Northern Virginia is currently having a thunderstorm, complete with lightning strikes, while the sun shines gaily on the proceedings.  WTF?
Fingers crossed we don't have another tornado skim the hills in our housing development like we did Monday night.  It wasn't a big twister, but dang if you can't track its passing from the splintered and uprooted.  The dots connected in a wide arc from WNW to SE.
Unfortunately, in addition to tracking the destruction, I decided to see what the street looked like without artificial light to get the description right for a short story I'm working on.  You wouldn't think I'd walked up and down the front steps for, oh, fifteen years or that I was carrying a working Coleman Lantern.  Completely missed that last step before the sidewalk and wrenched my right ankle in all sorts of a amazing and painful ways.  The doctor had me collect six different Xrays today, which wouldn't be so bad except the dh and I were supposed to be in California in only a couple hours.  :-P
The universe obviously had other ideas.
Stay dry!
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Are you guys okay?
Worried hugs,
Jean Marie

Freaky Warm

Jan. 6th, 2007 11:26 am
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I know, I know.  Usually, this is the weekend I usually start to howl about the weather--how I hate cold, how I hate gray, how I hate wind, and how there aren't enough kids with shovels for miles to dig out our driveway.  But it's scary to be in the middle of the first big weekend of the snow season wandering around in sandals.  It's seventy degrees out there!  That's just wrong.
And scary.  No kidding.


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