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St. E'sNobody would believe you.  Editors would eviscerate you for even suggesting the idea.  And it's all true.

The Department of Homeland Security has decided on the perfect place for its headquarters: St. Elizabeth's Hospital, the District of Columbia's historic looney bin, originally known as the Government Hospital for the Insane.

Speaking as someone who was in the Pentagon on 9/11 and who has witnessed the crap commited in the name of "national security" since, it just doesn't get more perfect than that.

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Anthony Bourdain visits your town, and not only have you eaten in all the restaurants, you've interviewed his first guest.
No lie.  George Pelecanos was one of the first guests I nabbed for Mystery Readers Corner back in the day.  The only place other than DC Central Kitchen (which combines a program to feed DC's disenfranchised with a food prep and service training program) I haven't patronized recently is the Abay Market on George Mason Drive.  (Ethiopian food and I aren't friends.  I can't tell the meat from the vegetables, so my brain refuses to let me enjoy it.)  But I used to eat at all the restaurant's past incarnations.
[ profile] cymreiges  will be amused to know he spent a ten minute segment at the Mini Bar in Cafe Atlantico.  Remember the restaurant I dragged your limping body to following the "quick" monument tour.  Yeah, that place. 
What makes this all the more surreal is, from the background shots, he was in town just about the time I was writing a video script in case they offered another opportunity for viewers to help create a No Reservations episode.  And where and what was I pimping--the locals' Washington, DC.  The script mentioned about half the places he visited and covered many of the same themes. 
Talk about strange.
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