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Bob, part of the great staff at the Landmark Waldenbooks.I said goodbye to a good friend today.
After 19 years, four administrations and three moves, the Waldenbooks at Landmark Mall is closing its doors at 9 p.m. tonight.  A lot of my personal history--good and bad--goes with them.
This was the store where I hid nearly every day in the weeks following Teri's death.  That wonderful new book smell always reminds me that the world is endlessly new and full of possibilities.  It was something I desperately needed then.
The Landmark Waldenbooks hosted the first book signing for With Nine You Get Vanyr.  The staff was thrilled when they heard one of my stories was to share book space with one by Bob Asprin.  They ooh-ed and ah-ed when I showed them the flats of the proposals circulated at last year's Frankfurt Book Fair, and they looked forward to the publication of Fantasy Art Templates, the book resulting from one of those proposals.  I'd hoped to hold Fantasy Art Templates' "friends and family" signing there too.  But that's not going to happen.
I trust everyone will land on their feet.  Several members of the staff told me the bookstore wasn't their main job.  It just kept them in books and let them hang with crazy auth--er, interesting writers.  They'll all miss it, though.
My world will certainly be poorer for the loss.  I think the mall will be too.  The Waldenbooks was my anchor store.  I didn't go to Landmark for Macy's or Lord & Taylor.  I went for the bookstore.  Every other purchase followed from that.  I may be a little unusual in that respect, but I don't think I'm unique.
Oh, fudge!
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Sending a big thank you with smoochies to Store Manager Tracy McPeck, her colleagues Stephen and Susan, and all the staff of the Landmark Mall Waldenbooks in Alexandria, VA.  The Landmark Waldens' is my neighborhood bookstore.  Literally.  It's only a mile walk from the house, and I usually make the trek at least once or twice a week.  I suspect this was why Tracy kindly extended the invitation to hold my first signing for With Nine You Get Vanyr at the store March 31.  Either that or my famous puppy eyes routine finally got to her.  :-)
Fortunately, it turned out better than anyone could have imagined.  Friends and family attended in force, prompted by my nagging--er, informative emails and the items I sent to local newspaper events calendars.  One friend read about the signing in The Alexandria Gazette.  She said the item featured a picture of the book too.  (I so need to see a copy of that paper!)
In short, we sold out.  And the store promised to order more.  Well, they have to.  Mother wants three to send to the former chief engineer in her apartment building, her friend the cop and her priest.  And what Reyah wants--er, what Mother wants, Mother gets or there will be consequences.

And the best part--when it was all over, Tracy told me I was her favorite author.  Ever!  It simply doesn't get any better than that.
Hugs and grins,
Jean Marie

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The good folks at my neighborhood bookstore have been kind enough to host a booksigning for me this Saturday, March 31.  The details are:

Who - Jean Marie Ward
What - Signing With Nine You Get Vanyr and Illumina: The Art of J.P. Targete with chocolate, goodies and the chance to win a facsimile Wishstone like the one which plays such a large role in With Nine You Get Vanyr.
When - Saturday, March 31, 1-5 p.m.
Where - Waldenbooks, Landmark Mall
        5801 Duke Street, Space G304
        (Second Floor near Lord & Taylor)
        Alexandria, VA 22304
Tel. - (703)370-6869
Contact - Tracy L. McPeck, Store Manager

Come on by.  I'd love to meet you...and sell you a book.  ;-)


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