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That pic of the Japanese maple on our deck wasn't taken last fall.  It was taken twenty minutes ago.  If you squint hard enough you can even see the budding azalea budding behind the fence at the far right.
Told Greg it was his fault for getting all emotional about Karl Muck's version of Parsifal last night.  Some things are just wrong.  Like snow in April in northern Virginia.  Or like a left-leaning Valentinian gnostic loving Wagner.  (Have I mentioned his cartoons lately?)  He still didn't get it.  LOL
Not too much else to report.  Been burrowing in what one of my fellow Samhellions calls "the writing cave" all week.  I'm going to finish Highway from Hell by next Saturday if I have to write non-stop.  Well, starting Monday.  Still have to survive Mom's Easter plans first.  ;-)
Also joined the Fantasy and Enchantment blog with a great group of Samhain fantasy writers: Jennie Andrus, Bianca D'Arc, Dayna Hart, Carolan Ivey, Melissa Lopez and most especially Gia Dawn--who will kill me for that when she finds out I wrote that.  Heh heh.  The group blog is just getting started, but we plan lots of great things, including a regular Thursday Thirteen and a newsletter.
And not a minute too soon!  The prospect of filling a regular mailing all by myself was giving me chills.  My life's boring.  That's why I became a writer, after all.
Wishing you lots of chocolate and the best of the season, however you celebrate it.  Cheers!
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The Amazing One-Eighty Old Lady has struck again.
They call me Wrong Way Ward.  My mom, on the other hand, is famous for her wrong way prayers.  When [profile] hundakleptisiswas so sick last year, [profile] qnotkuand I had to find creative ways to forestall Mom from praying for him.  Every time she did he wound up in critical care.  (Yes, we keep trying to get her to pray for certain political figures, but so far no luck.  :-P)
What I didn't realize is that her particular juju works on the weather too.  All weekend long I've been stocking her larder and sorting her pills so I wouldn't have to drive over in the big winter storm they'd been promising all week.  My Mustang can roar through anything a Virginia winter has to offer.  I can't.  My solution to ice and snow on the roads is to hide under the bed.  Which was what I was hoping to do today.
"Oh no!" Mom yodeled gleefully.  "We're not going to have any snow.  They've cancelled it."
*snicker*  Yeah, right.  Just paid the teen next door for removing the first four inches, and the white stuff's still pouring down.  Go Mom!


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