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Finally sat down with Lil Kids!, the first paper graphic novel by Von Allan of [ profile] vonandmoggy .  Lil Kids! is a prequel to his web comic, the road to god knows..., which tells how the two main characters became fast friends.  Thrilling girl adventure stories and the friendships that make them possible are among my favorite things.  When I was the age of the girls in this story--and the road to god knows...--I generally wound up reading comics and boys' books, because nobody seemed to understand that small females were every bit as curious, ambitious and prone to getting into trouble as small males.
And, oh yeah, we wanted to be superheroes too, because it's fun beating up bad guys.
Now I know Von's a man.  I've seen his picture on LJ, and Moggy swears it's really him.  But reading Lil Kids! it sometimes feels like Von plugged right into the little girl I used to be.  And there's more.  Lil Kids! sets up the main plot threads of the road to god knows..., including Marie's awareness that her mom is different.  It also provides interesting insights into Von's creative process, from initial idea and thumbnails to fully developed comic.
In fact, I enjoyed the book so much, I'm going to give it away.  To my husband, another late-blooming artist.  If artists are like writers--always learning from each other--this could get interesting in the best possible way.
Today has been an all around good book day.  I decided to present my local Waldenbooks a copy of Here Be Dragons: Tales of Dragon*Con, the wonderful anthology I'm in with Jody Lynn Nye, Susan Sizemore, Quinn Yarbro, Todd McCaffrey, Teresa Patterson and the late Bob Asprin.  (Yes, I will post the cover as soon as the dh scans it.  Some people!  *g*)  Naturally, I couldn't escape without buying something, especially since they had only two copies of [ profile] lilithsaintcrow 's Steelflower left.
Steelflower is Lili's sword & sorcery epic, and as fine as anything she's ever written.  But that's not why it holds a special place in my heart.  Steelflower was the first novel [ profile] qnotku bought as a Samhain editor.  I read it in the manuscript, filching pages from Teri as she finished them.  It broke my heart when her ill health (and her all-too-sudden death) prevented her from bringing the novel from perfect ms. to published book.
Today the book broke my heart all over again when I read Lili's dedication: "To Teri Smith.  Go, blithe spirit.  You were a joy to know.  And I look forward to seeing your smile again." 
Somehow I missed that in the electronic version.  As soon as the budget permits, I hope to get a copy for [ profile] hundakleptisis.  He needs to see that.
Was finally able to do all this good stuff because I shipped off the last section of a new book proposal early this afternoon.  The deadline for the proposal had been hanging over my head since Dragon*Con.  Ironically enough, the book is a how-to for aspiring fantasy artists.  (No ma'am, I don't draw; I just write like I know how.)  I'll share more if the project gets the green light, but for now, let's just say the artist is super and the set-up really intriguing.
The proposal is why I've been so slow about posting my Dragon*Con pics and report.  Nope, still not finished, and I have to get back to the Story From Siren Hell before I work through them.  But thanks to fellow DC Area Storyteller Anthony Stevens, I do have pics from this weekend's two book signings.  Yes, Virginia, little tomboys do grow up girlie.  Now if I could only figure out a way to get make-up on without losing that extra half hour of sleep...
Hugs and smiles,
Jean Marie
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WooHoo!  With Nine You Get Vanyr scored another stellar blurb, this time from Lilith Saintcrow:

A long rollicking ride through fandom and fantasy.

It don't get better than that.  *big, big grin*  Thanks, Lili!


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