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As a lot of you know, I got into fandom because of Highlander--specifically, the Methos episodes of Highlander. Teri and I were also among the people who wanted to throttle the producers, Panzer/Davis, when instead of continuing the show with Methos, Amanda and Joe romping through history, they opted to drag Amanda down to Duncan McLeod's gloom level in Highlander: The Raven. (For some reason P/D is convinced being an immortal is a sad, sad thing. Piffle!)
But I've decided to forgive them for 17 minutes. That's the time it takes to watch "ten years after" Highlander ep they posted on It's called "Reunion", and I would've never known without the amazing p_n_elrod! So here, with mega thanks to Pat is the video. Enjoy!

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Okay, it was bad enough to learn the SciFi Channel planned to cap their Boxing Day Highlander, the Series marathon with the ghastly fifth HL movie.  (Yes, I'm a card-carrying Methos fan.  Yes, I would actually watch Dr. Who if someone got a brain and cast Peter Wingfield as the doctor.  Heck, I watched Queen of Swords back in the day.  But even the presence of my all-time favorite HL character can not save The Source.  Shudder!)
But Hollywood, say it ain't so!  You cannot seriously intend to cast Keanu Reeves as Spike Spiegel.  Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
Somebody, please, tell me who the earth needs to open up and swallow to prevent this!  I'm an earth sign.  I could do it.  With this much motivation, I could do it.
Hugs and wails,
Jean Marie
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Last night a bunch of friends, including [profile] hundakleptisis[profile] tree220and [profile] mostlynormal1, gathered at my Mom's to celebrate my birthday by snarking--er, watching Highlander: the Source.  Ten years ago, Highlander: the Series, was the reason most of us connected with Internet fandom, con culture and each other.  The show, the con antics of its stars (suitably changed to protect the guilty--and the hapless writers from libel suits) and their fans provided a lot of inspiration for With Nine You Get Vanyr too.
None of us were expecting great moviemaking from TPTB, but Day-Um!  I can't remember ever seeing a worse movie--and considering my taste in movies, that's saying a lot.  It was so bad it's hard to single out the particular enormities.  There were so many--the opening explanations (complete with bullet points), the super-speed slow motion designed to turn immies into superheroes, the intact CGI space needle in the middle of a supposed war zone, the announcement of "The Quickening!" when nobody but diehard fans would've stuck around the eight minutes necessary to get into the lightning show, the world's biggest little island, the cars that refueled themselves overnight...  But all that pales to what happens five minutes before the final credits when you get a four-minute, voice-over rehash and explanation of everything that happened in the movie so far.  As if it wasn't bad enough the first time through!
But it was really, really funny to hear [profile] tree220shriek at the closing line.  The rest of us were more blase.  I'd tell you what we said, but I don't want to spoil...
Wait--how could anything spoil this movie, except watching it?
Happy snarking!
Hugs and snickers,
Jean Marie
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That got your attention.  Mwahahahaha!  
As I mentined a few posts ago, Samhain Publishing has established a blog for its writers.  Through no fault of the editor in charge, I snagged the Twelfth Night slot.  I was thrilled.  Twelfth Night was one of the first of the Bard's comedies I read as a wee lass.  To escape doing the dishes, I used to hide out in the bathroom of our quarters, my dad's Army manual on Shakespeare across my knees.  (Yes, Virginia, the Army used to have a manual containing the complete text of Shakespeare's greatest hits.  It was a kinder, gentler, hell of a lot more erudite time.)  I planned to explore how Shakespeare fed my love of fantasy, how his tropes and heroes remain my models to this day...
Nah, way too soppy.  Besides, who cares?  Well, maybe somebody does, but not enough to justify reading 500-1000 words.
Then I got enchanted by "The Annotated Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter" blog that made the rounds on LJ earlier this week.  Laughed so hard I spewed iced tea out of my nose.  Agreed with every one of Chris's words and howled at his selected pics.  As an opening salvo on a possible blog on good writers gone sloppy, I shared the link with a couple of lists.  The subject looked like a real winner until a couple writers on one of the Samhain lists took extreme umbrage at the comments (not the blog, mind you, the comments!) posted after the blog.  Found the "author bashing" offensive.  Okay...unless I wanted to get into a rant on the difference between libel, slander and making free speech hay with the personal details LKH herself posts on her blog, that was out.
Fortunately, just as Rick and Ilsa always have Paris, I always have fan fiction.  And that crossover I mentioned?  It's in there.
Now that we've got the pimpage out of the way, am I the only person who thinks a Highlander anime movie signals the End of Days?
Hugs and shudders,
Jean Marie

There can be only one--and he has to be Methos, because Methos has the best Kronos flashbacks.


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