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But not for me!
In honor of the new administration, my dh Greg will be transforming his current web site, Hail Dubyus, into an archive.  His next project will be a new cartoon blog called Intravenous Caffeine.  The new site will continue to comment on the folly and mendacity of the powerful, but it will also offer cartoons that are just plain funny.
And what does this have to do with blurbs, you ask.  In conjunction with the new release, Greg will be sending out his very first press release--and every writer and artist reading this knows what that's like.  In a very real sense, you don't exist for media purposes unless someone else says you're wonderful.  So he asked me to solicit blurbs--and permission to use them--from my wonderful friends list.
Feel free to check out the galleries at Hail Dubyus and Intravenous Caffeine before you decide.  If you're interested, you can leave a comment and provide the citation you'd like him to use ("author of THE XYA CHRONICLES" or "award-winning artist of ZWOW", for example).  Thanks!
And best of the holidays to you, regardless.  :-)
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For those of you who don't know, my husband Greg is the creative mind behind, a web cartoon about the folly and mendacity of American politics.  (Yes, he uses big words like "mendacity".  Me, I just say "Lies!")  Since he publishes two days a week and since I prefer not to talk politics in my blogs, I don't usually call attention to the individual cartoons.  I post a link to Hail Dubyus in my sidebar and that's it.  But he's really outdone himself with today's cartoon.  Enjoy!
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After a month down for the count with bronchitis, Hail Dubyus is back and swinging.  Today, the oil companies, Monday...the world!  Hey, Fred and Bert need their weekends too.  Cheers! 
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Just a quick note to let everyone know the dh's political cartoon, Hail Dubyus, is back on line.  Good thing too.  A day without warped humor is like a day without on so many levels.  Cheers!
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This has been a heck of a day--in the best possible way.  

- The print edition of With Nine You Get Vanyr went on sale.
- Preditors & Editors posted the results of their
2006 SF/fantasy Poll--and VANYR made #2.  (Thank you!  Thank you! to everyone who voted.)
- My bookmarks arrived (and they're gorgeous!)
- My local Walden's asked when I'd like a signing.

qnotku would've been so proud.  To celebrate, I'm...

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Free while supplies last--not one, but two amazing bookmarks!  
The first features Anne Cain's luscious cover art for With Nine You Get Vanyr.  The second--distributed by the Scott County, MN, Office of Environmental Health--sports an uber cute global warming cartoon drawn by my very own dh, the dangerous mind behind Hail Dubyus, the most dangerous political cartoons on the Internet.  
And did I mention they're free?  All you need to do is send me your snail mail address via the Contact Page.  Yes, I will mail out of country.  Not only that, both bookmarks are user-friendly across the entire political spectrum--which is more than you can say for Greg and me.  LOL
In other news, tomorrow With Nine You Get Vanyr will be released in print.  On Fat Tuesday, no less.  Can't get much more appropriate than that.  *g*  In honor of the occasion, I'll be launching a contest with questions and real prizes and everything.  Meanwhile, you can consider the bookmarks my version of a Mardi Gras parade favor.  (IOW, I couldn't figure out how to get the beads to lie flat in the envelopes.)
Cheers and revels to all!


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