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Tonight I am so doomed.  One cable station is running 13th Warrior while another plays Desperado.  Have I ever mentioned this SERIOUS jones I have for Antonio Banderas.  He was the physical model for Fynn, one of the Vanyr you don't meet in With Nine You Get Vanyr and among the best reasons I know for writing the sequels.
One day.  One day.
In the meantime, I suspect the Girls in the Basement are going to go to town tonight.  All the more reason to continue working on the research questions needed for the current projects.
But oh, teh pretteh!
Cheers and grins,
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You can always tell when it's sorta kinda related to writing biz on this blog.  The Vanyr cover shows up.  LOL
This will be relatively short and painless.  Promise.
First I'd like to thank Catherine Chant and the good folks at RWA's From the Heart for their wonderful author profile.  I sound good and the book sounds great.  Cathy, I swear, you must be related to Christopher Chant.  Your interview and Denise Pattisons newsletter (52 formatted pages) are nothing short of magic.
Second, for all the fans out there, what fan sites do you visit most often?  Not fanfiction sites, but places where it's okay to advertise.
Since With Nine You Get Vanyr may be the first commercially available novel to present fanfiction in a positive light, I'd like to target a few of my advertising pennies to the sites where fans--and presumably a few fanfiction writers--congregate.  Make no mistake, we are talking pennies here.  Fortunately, most Internet ad rates aren't too bad.  Yet.  (She groans.)
On a writing note, drafted a 4000-word, real life ghost story called "The House Least Likely".  *user wipes sweating brow*  We talking major relief here.  Since last fall, RL has been a jackhammer.  Short as it is, "The House Least Likely" is the first creative thing I've been able to finish in ages, and it feels good!  I'll ship it out as soon as I get the necessary permissions and do my final line edit.  Meanwhile, I plan on getting back to Highway from Hell tomorrow.  At last!


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