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Bob, part of the great staff at the Landmark Waldenbooks.I said goodbye to a good friend today.
After 19 years, four administrations and three moves, the Waldenbooks at Landmark Mall is closing its doors at 9 p.m. tonight.  A lot of my personal history--good and bad--goes with them.
This was the store where I hid nearly every day in the weeks following Teri's death.  That wonderful new book smell always reminds me that the world is endlessly new and full of possibilities.  It was something I desperately needed then.
The Landmark Waldenbooks hosted the first book signing for With Nine You Get Vanyr.  The staff was thrilled when they heard one of my stories was to share book space with one by Bob Asprin.  They ooh-ed and ah-ed when I showed them the flats of the proposals circulated at last year's Frankfurt Book Fair, and they looked forward to the publication of Fantasy Art Templates, the book resulting from one of those proposals.  I'd hoped to hold Fantasy Art Templates' "friends and family" signing there too.  But that's not going to happen.
I trust everyone will land on their feet.  Several members of the staff told me the bookstore wasn't their main job.  It just kept them in books and let them hang with crazy auth--er, interesting writers.  They'll all miss it, though.
My world will certainly be poorer for the loss.  I think the mall will be too.  The Waldenbooks was my anchor store.  I didn't go to Landmark for Macy's or Lord & Taylor.  I went for the bookstore.  Every other purchase followed from that.  I may be a little unusual in that respect, but I don't think I'm unique.
Oh, fudge!
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It wasn't my neighborhood bookstore.  It wasn't even the bookstore near my mom's.  But it was just fifty feet from one of my favorite bakeries amid some really wonderful restaurants.  I spent a lot of time browsing before and after lunches and dinners, many of them with qnotku.
Now it's no more.  Farewell, Books-a-Million Shirlington.  My personal world is a sadder place.
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This might not seem like a big deal, since With Nine You Get Vanyr has been in print since February, but actual bookstore sightings have been few and far between.  But the Pentagon Centre Borders persevered and, thanks to Samhain's new relationship with Ingrams, succeeded in ordering five copies.  (Thank you, Preston!)  Better yet, when I wandered into the store Sunday evening, there were only four left to sign.  Someone had bought one.  (Insert major happy dance here.)
Writers are soooo easy to please.  This raises the verified count of stores carrying Vanyr to four: Cover to Cover (you are carrying it, aren't you quietselkie, user asks nervously), the Landmark Waldenbooks, Turn the Page Bookstore Cafe and the Pentagon Centre Borders.  My uncle in Florida is doing his bit, dutifully visiting local stores and requesting it (all on his own too--I never thought to ask) but so far no luck.
It's been a good day for commerce overall.  My Inner Designer Junkie was unexpectedly sated by a visit to TJ Maxx.  Found a Just Cavalli jacket in my size at a deep discount.  I was so entranced by the print, I didn't notice the buttons were missing until I got it into the fitting room.  Can you say "deeper discount"?  *bg*  Better still, I had the perfect buttons waiting for it at home.  My spring/summer wardrobe is saved!
And I'm almost healthy too.  One more visit to the doctor should do it.  Then it's back to con reportage.  Jana Oliver has placed in the honors section of so many awards since RavenCon, I positively need to blackmail her.  Gotta figure out how she did it...besides writing a great book that is.  ;-)


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