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Okay, I know that in any given year at least twenty percent of the so-called new TV series are retreads.  But geez, guys, give credit where credit is due.  The first Chuck script gave me a serious case of deja Jake 2.0.  And Moonlight...surely I'm not the only person who remembers the Rick Springfield Forever Knight.  At least Nick--er, I mean Mick St. John seems to like his condition a little.  But that could just be the result of a year's exposure to Blood Ties (Go, Henry!)  Here's hoping this means TPTB will give another year of Blood Ties the green light.  It's so nice to have a series true to the books' concept.
And Tanya Huff simply rocks.
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It's official.  Sunday has just become my favorite night of the week.  First The Dresden Files at 9 p.m. followed by an hour with Vickie Nelson, Henry Fitzroy and, er, Whatsisname-the-Cop (guess you know who I was rooting for in the books) and their Blood Ties and, coming in April a tape of Henry's "dad" in swashing his buckle in The Tudors.  
Talk about a hot line up.  I'd like one each of Kyle Schmid, Dylan Neal and Paul Blackthonre, please.  (I'll get to Jonathan Rhys Meyers in a few weeks.  Gotta save something for dessert.)  Yes, I'm sure the dh will object, but together we'll outnumber him.  I can't wait to see who they (ahem) dig up for the Sookie Stackhouse series.
What's even better is both The Dresden Files and Blood Ties capture the vibe of the books really well.  All the hot guys in the world won't keep me watching if the writing isn't there.  And so far, the writers for both series have done extraordinarily well, even when the characters don't look quite as I expected.  Kyle, for example is a lot prettier than I envisioned Henry--not to mention that glorious halo of hair.  (In the books, Henry wears the cropped hair typical of his father's court.)  But Kyle is short (check out those heels  LOL), and the knife edge balance of cute as a button and dangerous as all get out is handled very well.  
The funny thing is, if I were doing Fantasy Casting, I'd cast him as Armand in Anne Rice's vampire series.  Jonathan Rhys Meyers or even Jonas Armstrong, the BBC's new Robin Hood are a lot closer to my vision of Henry F.
Not that I'm complaining about Jonas in Robin Hood, mind you.  How can I complain about a show that manages to be both funny and topical.  Every time the writers make a point that it's wrong to use somebody else's "Holy War" in the Holy Land as an excuse to shaft the folks back home or deprive them of their civil rights, I want to stand up and cheer.  The show's helping to raise another generation of rabid believers in individual rights on both sides of "the pond".  Saturday's become almost as good as Sunday--even if I do giggle a lot about the comb-over.  But I'm just mean that way.
So *user rubs her hands together* where have they been hiding the fan fiction?  You don't suppose they'll do another batch of eps and invite Michael Praed along for the ride.  Well, a girl can dream, can't she?


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