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 As you can see from my updated links list, after months of techno-blondeness, I finally figured out how to name my My Space.  (Insert pause for a minute of total mortification.  Yes, I am that clueless.)  In honor of the occasion, I've started populating the page with some of my old Fantasy & Enchantment columns before the page vanishes forever.  The first is "Shifting the Night Away".  Enjoy!

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Because they're the ones stealing all the cell phones in northeast India. Naturally, I couldn't resist blogging about it over at the Fantasy & Enchantment Blog. I hoped writing about it might exorcise the relevant plot hamsters, but they're wearing out their wheels without any help on my part.
The only problem is figuring out when to write the mad thing. I'm still in the middle of moving stuff.  We never properly dealt with the loot from Greg's parents' house.  Greg was in the middle of sorting when my mom had her stroke, and the boxes have been piling up ever since.  With Mom's death, everything reached critical mass.
My goal is to have everything organized or dispersed by New Year's.  Hey, it's important to have a goal.  Besides, I didn't say which New Year's, did I?
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