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My Samhain colleagues at Beyond the Veil have put together a really fun, really easy Cool Yule Giveaway.  The prizes include lots of book downloads, a gift bag and a Bath and Bodyworks gift set.  The only requirement is posting at the blog.  You don't even have to post about us.  (Well, that's what the rest of them say.  Me, I'm not so sure...)  And best of all, they'll be awarding the prizes no later than December 22.  That's three days earlier than most folks.  I'm all about immediate gratification.  How about you?
Happy holidays!
Jean Marie
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Finally--FINALLY!--posted my monthly blog at Beyond the Veil.  In honor of Thanksgiving, I planned to tell the story of my mom's famous Imploding Turkey, but things got a little out of hand and it wound up being a compilation of her greatest culinary disasters--Nagaski Ribs, the exploding spaghetti pot...  If you ever wondered why I'm so obsessed with food, this will tell you why.  Mwhahahahah!
Hugs and evil grins,
Jean Marie
*who promises you'll never look at dead possum the same way again*
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It's hard, not because of the con, which was pure pleasure, but because I had to post the pictures at Beyond the Veil using the Blogger app.  Snarl.  I hate posting pictures in Blogger.  The fool thing requires knowing which one of their impenetrable instructions actually posts flush left, THEN minoogling the html around it.   And I'm not great shakes at html either. 
But some of the pictures are nice--and the people were splendid.
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 Yep, it's that time of the month again, time for me to blog about writerly stuff over at Beyond the Veil like I know what I'm talking about.  This month's topic is the natural storyteller.   I planned to make this announcement a little wittier, but that was before I realized I'd be typing with the laptop balanced on my shins cradling Duzie the Octo-Cat.  If it's rainy he must be needy.  LOL
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It took me a long time, but thanks to the lovely and talented Carolan Ivey, I finally posted my 2008 RavenCon photos at Beyond the Veil.  Thanks again, Carolan!
Now, all that's left to do is email the blackmail, share some of my image files with my esteemed colleagues before settling back down to writing.  I do love cons.
Cheers and evil grins,
Jean Marie
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I blush to admit I've been committing Blogspot again.  My new posting is up at Beyond the Veil.  Today's entry is seasonally appropriate--if you happen to live in Washington, DC.   April 12 is the high point of our annual Cherry Blossom Festival.  In honor of the occasion, Greg and I attended the geisha dance program sponsored by the Japanese Information and Culture Center--the same folks who feed our yen for live action anime movies.  (Hey, it's a totally guilty pleasure.  Why shouldn't it come with a bad pun attached?)
The free geisha dance program, which anyone who's ever been to Japan can tell you is a very, very big deal.  Man, I love living in DC!
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 I should've mentioned it sooner, but I posted another blog at Beyond the Veil.  This one shares a couple of my real life ghost stories.  Enjoy!
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No, that isn't my new tag line.  It belongs to the reconfigured co-op blog for Samhain's fantasy, futuristic and paranormal authors, Beyond the Veil.  I posted my first BtV blog a few minutes ago.  It's just an introduction, but it does include links for some of my more interesting contributions to the old Fantasy and Enchantment blog and the main Samhain blog.  I'll add a permanent link to BtV in the next few days.  But first I have to survive Katsucon.
Let me put it this way, you don't normally see the fire trucks lined up, sirens wailing, until the second night at DragonCon.
Hugs and sickly grins,
Jean Marie


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