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Is this crossposting mic on?
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I'm down to the last tweaks and twitches with  One of the most important is making sure my LJ posts appear on the WordPress blog.  And that's the only reason you're hearing from me on Daylight Savings Night.  I've got to see if this works.  Fingers crossed!
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As a lot of you know, I got into fandom because of Highlander--specifically, the Methos episodes of Highlander. Teri and I were also among the people who wanted to throttle the producers, Panzer/Davis, when instead of continuing the show with Methos, Amanda and Joe romping through history, they opted to drag Amanda down to Duncan McLeod's gloom level in Highlander: The Raven. (For some reason P/D is convinced being an immortal is a sad, sad thing. Piffle!)
But I've decided to forgive them for 17 minutes. That's the time it takes to watch "ten years after" Highlander ep they posted on It's called "Reunion", and I would've never known without the amazing p_n_elrod! So here, with mega thanks to Pat is the video. Enjoy!

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Entirely by accident, I'm sure, Greg and I got back on line with a blog.  Whew!  Now to get back to adjusting the visuals and adding the plug-ins.
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I have reached the point in the operation where my developing site,, has crashed.  Nose in the dirt, flames, debris strewn across three counties--you name it, it's there.  The problem: I followed the directions in the WordPress Codex to set a blog in the middle of the pages.  Not only were the instructions obscure beyond the dreams of bureaucratic obsfuscation, they made very little sense in the context of WordPress 2.7.1's control panel.  I should've taken that as a sign.  But noooooo.  I had to soldier on.  I've got a deadline.
Fortunately, the spouse person insisted I back-up before I started.  Unfortunately, reloading hasn't fixed anything.  *headdesk*headdesk*headdesk*
Oh well, I've opened a service ticket with Bravenet, my web host.  Hopefully, they can save my bacon again, or at least reload WordPress so I can start over.
This is so not how I planned to waste the evening.  *user shakes head*
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*user wheels in a wild happy dance*
Just got the confirmation letter.  Is that a great Mardi Gras present or what?
Cheers and smiles,
Jean Marie
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This has to qualify as one the strangest souvenirs of my 2008 trip to Calgary, Alberta.  I've just been notified that a photo I took of Calgary's Hyatt Regency Suites Hotel, site of the 2008 World Fantasy Con, has been selected for inclusion in the sixth edition of the Schmap Calgary Guide.  The credited photo comes in two flavors--web browser and iPhone.  Promotional lesson to remember: Always post the photos of your con trips on Flickr.
Also on the promo front, my first solo web site is progressing nicely.  Most of the text and pictures are in place.  There are loads of free reads.  I even managed to find active links to all my old Science Fiction Weekly interviews--no mean feat now that the publication is no longer linked to the main SciFi Channel page.  I'm still tweaking the site's appearance, and I haven't yet loaded any widgets, but I'm beginning to believe it might look okay when I'm done.
And if it doesn't, I can always fix it.
Jean Marie

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I don't know how I missed this, but in 2004 Charles de Lint reviewed Illumina: The Art of J.P. Targete--and he liked it!  Finding this while I was looking for something else entirely made my whole evening.
Cheers and smiles,
Jean Marie
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Still not 100 percent, but I did manage to commit my scheduled Valentine's Day blog at Beyond the Veil.  And yes, I included all of the items listed in the title.  Would I lie to you?
Well, would I lie to you about chocolate or Dracula?
Hugs and smiles,
Jean Marie
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I just bowed out of Saturday's signing.  What I thought was a cold on its way out has morphed into something involving chills, fever and the mother of sore throats.
But none of this means you should stay home if you were thinking of going.  The Annapolis Borders signing still boast six great authors--D. Renee Bagby, Dana Marie Bell, Stephanie Burke, Monica Bell, Margaret L. Carter and Melissa Schroeder, lots of books and fun for all.
Except me.  :-(  Eat a piece of chocolate cheesecake for me, guys!
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I get to hang with my buds in the DC Area Storytellers at the Annapolis Mall Borders in Annapolis, Maryland, this Saturday, February 7, from 2-5 p.m.  Joining me for this signing will be D. Renee Bagby, Dana Marie Bell, Stephanie Burke, Monica Burns, Margaret L. Carter and Melissa Schroeder.  There will be books, there will be giveaways, and most importantly, there will be fun.  Hope you can make it if you're in the area!
Cheers and smiles,
Jean Marie
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Red hair notwithstanding, I’m an easygoing sort.  I don’t go out looking for fights.  They take too much energy.  I’m barely able to keep up with all the promotional blogging and social networking that is a writer’s lot.  Most of my writers’ group lists are on digest.  As a result, by the time I see a discussion, 99 percent of the time someone else has already made all the points I might feel obliged to make—and made them more eloquently too.  So I restrict my participation congratulating folks on the big things like contracts, publications, awards and birthdays, and cheering their reviews and interviews when I can.

That said, there is one organization with an unfailing capacity to steam my dumplings: Romance Writers of America...

(The good stuff is behind the cut.) )
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The spouse person and I have been very busy lately.  Today saw more than one inauguration in the Washington DC area.  Greg unveiled his very new cartoon blog, Intravenous Caffeine.  Don't worry the link's a lot easier to spell (, but the snark remains the same.
And I've been blogging, first posting a Thursday Thirteen for the vampire lovers in the audience and today, in honor of National Squirrel Appreciation Day (yes, really) thirteen reasons why squirrels make good romance heroes over at the Samhain blog.
Of course, I am warped.  Your point?
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And we did.  At last.  I have never, ever been so happy to greet a new president or so moved by the celebration of his arrival.  There were so many people downtown they had to close the Mall.  You couldn't fit one more person into the space.  From the Capital to beyond the Lincoln Memorial, all you could see were people waving, cheering...and crying.  I cried too.  I feel I've got my country back.  Finally.
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Anthony Bourdain visits your town, and not only have you eaten in all the restaurants, you've interviewed his first guest.
No lie.  George Pelecanos was one of the first guests I nabbed for Mystery Readers Corner back in the day.  The only place other than DC Central Kitchen (which combines a program to feed DC's disenfranchised with a food prep and service training program) I haven't patronized recently is the Abay Market on George Mason Drive.  (Ethiopian food and I aren't friends.  I can't tell the meat from the vegetables, so my brain refuses to let me enjoy it.)  But I used to eat at all the restaurant's past incarnations.
[ profile] cymreiges  will be amused to know he spent a ten minute segment at the Mini Bar in Cafe Atlantico.  Remember the restaurant I dragged your limping body to following the "quick" monument tour.  Yeah, that place. 
What makes this all the more surreal is, from the background shots, he was in town just about the time I was writing a video script in case they offered another opportunity for viewers to help create a No Reservations episode.  And where and what was I pimping--the locals' Washington, DC.  The script mentioned about half the places he visited and covered many of the same themes. 
Talk about strange.
Hugs and smiles,
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As in jazzing up the program.  And I need help.
One of my major failings as a writer is the direct result of working for the Fed too long.  I think like a bureaucrat.  Yes, it's true.  A nightcrawling fan girl bureaucrat, but a bureaucrat just the same.  Which means my descriptions for entries in to program books can be a bit pedantic.  Ordinarily, I just deal, but this time I'm a little stumped.  So I was hoping the brighter sparks on this list could help.
Every year, Allen Wold leads a hand-picked group of RavenCon's writing guests in a first rate writing seminar composed of four parts:

- Character Building: what makes them real, distinctions between heroes and villains, depth and development versus action.
- The Hook: the all-important first paragraph of the story.
- Plotting: the basics and what to do when you get stuck.
- Editing: either a hands-on review of a pre-selected work or a critique of something the participants bring in.

They've been calling it "Fundamentals of Writing", but Programming Director Tera Fulbright thinks that's a little blah.  New guests and participants change the seminar mix every year.  Why shouldn't the description change too? 
Since RavenCon is E.A. Poe, mystery and horror friendly, I was thinking of going with a break-out on the order of:

- Unusual Suspects
- The Hook
- The Twist
- The Final Cut

Thoughts?  Suggestions?  Any ideas to jazz up "Fundamentals of Writing" would be welcome too.  Thanks!


Jan. 14th, 2009 03:56 pm
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[ profile] jer_bear711  has a new series set for publication in 2010 with a new wrinkle on seeing dead people that sounds a-MAAAAA-zing.  Click here for the full story.
And because nobody else mentioned it... As an Italian, I had a small problem with last night's Leverage.  Any mafioso worth his linguine with clam sauce would know the guy with the black suit and center-white collar is ALWAYS calledjer-bear711 has a new series set for publication in 2010 with a new wrinkle on seeing dead people that sounds a-MAAAAA-zing.  Click here for the full story.
And because nobody else mentioned it... As an Italian, I had a small problem with last night's Leverage.  Any mafioso worth his linguine with clam sauce would know the guy with the black suit and center-white collar is ALWAYS called "Father", never "Reverend".  Evah!  But I forgive them.  I forgive them everything, because of the following exchange between Timothy Hutton and Christian Kane:

Hutton: Let me get this straight, you killed a guy with an appetizer?   Did you just kill a guy with an appetizer?

Kane: It was the lemon juice.  I put a little on top of each one.   Maybe.

(Thanks, [ profile] seanan_mcguire !  The line was much better the way they really did it.  :D)
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The climax of the Cartoon Network's Toon-Normous Looney Toon Marathon is:

Duck Dodgers in the 24th and 1/2 Century!

Only eight months to DragonCon.
Happy New Year, everyone!
Hugs and grins,
Jean Marie


Dec. 26th, 2008 10:13 pm
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Not that I'm complaining, mind you, but why on earth would a site called link an Internet shopping blog  and another on dating to "Clear As Glass"?  Yes, glass ceramic cookware and human sexuality play key roles in the plot, but somehow, I don't think either are particularly supportive of the articles' intent.
Hugs and grins,
Jean Marie
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Christmas gets all the press, but December 26--Boxing Day or St. Stephen's Day (the Feast of Stephen in "Good King Wenceslaus")--was the celebration for working stiffs like me.  With that in mind, I've posted a present of free fiction on The Samhellion, the newsletter/blog for Samhain Publishing.  "Clear as Glass" is one of my very short stories (653 words), which means it came out of nowhere.  All I know is it woke me up at 8 a.m. on Christmas Eve demanding to be written. 

The toast is for an old friend who isn't here to enjoy it.  Stuart, one of only two teachers who became true friends, and John, his significant other, are the reason Greg and I still celebrate the holidays.  As my dad got sicker and sicker through the Nineties, our holiday trips home became exercises in familial penance.  The only thing which got us through was the knowledge that no matter how hard and cruel the Christmas, we would be enjoying dinner with Stuart and John the very next day.  Boxing Day was our celebration. 

Stuart left us this October.  But tonight I'll be raising a glass of sherry (his favorite libation) and sending good thoughts--and maybe a phone call--John's way.  They deserve all the thanks we can give.

Happy Boxing Day!


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